Circulars  List

Sr.NoMemo_NOCircular DateSubject/TitleAction
3 Tech/Roads/Earth Work on Berms/211.15/2016/Genl/88316-371 19/09/2016 Execution of Road Works regarding Item of Earth Works on Berms. Download
4 MISC/Gen Circular/Central file Tracking System/6034/2016/Gen/109445-109541 02/11/2016 To Implement the Centralized file Movement and Tracking Information System on State Portal Download
5 Tech/Roads/Widening of Roads/211.17/2016/Gen/109377-442 02/11/2016 Circular Regarding new construction/widening of existing roads. Download
6 Interlocking paver Blocks/104.3/2016/Gen/703-716 02/01/2017 Execution of Interlocking Paver Blocks as per provisions of agreement. Download
7 MISC/Gen Circular/Central file Tracking System/6035/2017/Gen/3256-3341 09/01/2017 To Implement the Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System on State Portal Download
8 Tech/Roads/Allocation of Budget/211.19/2017/Gen/12672-715 24/01/2017 Regarding allocation of Budget in respect of Road Works under Head 3054-R&B (NP)-State Scheme Download
9 Tech/Roads/Earth Works on berms/211.20/2017/Gen/16072-16757 31/01/2017 Execution of Road works-Regarding item of earth works on berms. Download
10 Tech/Roads/Cement Concrete//211.21/2017/Gen/20864-876 07/02/2017 Instructions regarding chamfering of precast cement conrete blocks Download
11 MISC/Gen Circular/Central file Tracking System/6035/2017/Gen/25018-073 14-02-2017 CeFMaTIS(Pending files) Download
12 Tech/Roads/Utility Shfting/211.25/2017/Genl/42593-648 15/03/2017 Status regarding utility shifting while processing tenders. Download
13 Tech/Roads/Amendments in standard bid doucuments/211.26/2017/Gen/45760-772 20/03/2017/ Amendments in Standard Bid Documents of road works Download
14 PWd/Tech/Roads/thermoplasticpaints Glass beads/211.28/2017/Gen/71414-71469 03/05/2017 Approved brand of hot applied Thermoplastic paint and Glass beads which are to be used in roads markings. Download
15 PWd/Tech/PMGSY/Laying of WBM/207.1/2017/Gen/68000-68055 26/04/2017 Providing practices regarding laying of WBM Download
16 PWD/Tech/Road/Status of Road works/211.29/2017/gen/72769-824 03/05/2017 Status of road works falling under Jurisdiction Provincial Division PWD B&R. Download
17 PWd/Tech/Roads/Land plan-Audit Para No. 2.3.8 of 2012/Gen/54690-702 31/03/2017 Maintaining of Land Register/Land plan - Audit para No. 2.3.g of 2012 Download
18 PWd/Tech/Roads/Land plan-Audit Para No. 2.3.8 of 2012/Gen/54690-702 31/03/2017 Maintaining of Land Register/Land plan - Audit para No. 2.3.g of 2012 Download
19 Pwd code/tenders,contacts&arbiration/105.7/2017/Gen/94471-526 13/06/2017 regarding postponmentof the date of receipt of tenders on website Download
20 100371-100382/WI 14/06/2017 Inspection/repair of Govt. buildings/houses prior to rainy season Download
21 132796-851/Gen 04/08/2017 Clarification for payment of escalation on the basis of latest availablity of nomenclature of Steel & Cement on consumer price index of india Download
22 PWD/MISC/Circulars of MORTH/Arbitration Cases/601.1/2017/Gen/132416-481 04/08/2017 Instructions for processing of Arbitration Cases. Download
23 135413-469 09/08/2017 Use of ISI marked interlocking CC paver block instead of large size concrete blocks Download
24 134611-666/Gen 09/08/2017 Minutes of meeting held on 19.07.2017 at 10.00 AM under the Chairmanship of hon'ble Public Minister (Building & Roads) in his office room Download
25 138465-820 17/08/2017 Earnest Money Deposit Download
26 142384-439 23/08/2017 Minutes of meeting held on 25.07.2017 in Head Office under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Public Works Minister (Building & Roads) to address general grievances of Contractors Download
27 140911-140965 21/08/2017 Use of CRMB in road works Download
28 143141-143206 23/08/2017 Guidelines on GST-Role and Responsibility of Government Department under GST. Download
29 Tech/Roads/Earth Works on berms/211.30/2017/Gen/145402-457 28/08/2017 Provision for item of earthwork on berms Download
30 Pwd code/tenders,contacts&arbiration/105.8/2017/Gen/15811-866 11/09/2017 Regarding postponement of the date of receipt of tender on website Download
31 153730-785 11/09/2017 Implementation of GST in PWD B&R Deptt Download
32 Tender for Road work/211.18/2017/Gen/5755-820 12.01.2017 Inviting consolidate tenders for road work, Shifting of Public Health Utility and Existing electric HT Lines , and electric poles, Download
33 TechMatters/NCR/Quantities/209/2017/Gen/162338-393 25/09/2017 Approval of Variation of Quantities Download
34 Tech/Roads/Use of CRMB//211.31/2017/Genl/164932-988 28/09/2017 Use of CRMB in Roads works Download
35 Tech/Roads/disposal of Earth Works /211.32/2017/Gen/167040-062 03/10/2017 Items of disposal of earthwrok Download
36 169619-684 09/10/2017 Permission for granting extension of time in road works due to demonetization of currency on 09.11.2016 Download
37 MISC/Gen Circular/e-marketplace(Gen)/603.8/2017/171515-1558 11/10/2017 Adoption of Government e-Marketplace (GeM) by the State- Status report on the implementation of GeM. Download
38 169619-684 09/10/2017 Permission for granting extension in road works due to demonetization of currency on 09.11.2016 Download
39 Tech/Roads/Limit of execution/211.32/2017/Gen/186324-379 08/11/2017 Reconstruction, widening or/and strengthening of road regarding limit of execution in continuous stretch. Download
40 PWD Code/SBD/Clause No. 23.4/104.4/2017/Gen/195888-953 23/11/2017 Amendment in Clause No. 23.4 of Bidding document for the road works Download
41 PWD Code/SBD/Clause No.4.3c & 4.5 A104.4/2017/Gen/195888-195953 23/11/2017 Amendment in Clause No. 4.3c & 4.5 A of SBD for building works Download
42 Tech/Roads/Use of CRMB//211.31/2017/Genl/201722-201777 04/12/2017 Use of CRMB in Road Works Download
43 192-197 02/01/2018 Officer Order., To improve quality of works Download
44 7489-7500/Gen 15/11/2018 Video photography of road work after date of completion Download
45 204161-71/Gen 06/12/2017 approved list of arbitrators Download
46 13429-484/Gen 24/01/2018 Guidelines on GST Role and Responsibility of Govt. Download
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